Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peak by Roland Smith

"My right ear and cheek were frozen to the terra cotta wall.
"To reach the top you must have resolve, muscles, skill, and...

Peak is the oddly named son of the world's most famous climber ("It could have been worse. My parents could have named me Glacier, or Abyss, or Crampon,") and a great climber in his own right. So great, in fact, that he starts climbing New York City skyscrapers and tagging them. When he gets busted tagging his sixth building, the judge threatens to throw the book at him (3 years jail time) to prevent copycats from endangering themselves. However, his lawyer and father come up w/ a plea bargain, Peak has to leave the country immediately to live w/ his father, Josh, (who he hasn't seen in 7 years) until all the media attention surrounding "spider-boy" (Peak) blows over.
Peak ends up in Tibet with his father on the slopes of Everest, but it turns out Peak's father has an ulterior motive, he wants to get Peak up the mountain making him the youngest climber up Everest and (hopefully) making his fathers climbing company rich.

This book was fast paced and exciting cover to cover. Life and death climbs, multiple visits from the Chinese military and yaks. Lots and lots of yaks. What more do you need? Give this one to adrenaline junkies Grades 6+

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by Patrick