Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Every Man for Himself edited by Nancy E Mercado

This is a collection of short stories about being a guy and mostly coming of age stories. Honestly I only picked it up because Mo Willems wrote one of the stories and I've been on a Mo Willems kick for the last few months (I even bought an elephant and piggy toy recently). The story by Mo Willems was good, it was about super heroes, but honestly it wasn't the best one in the book. My favorite was about a boy who had a raffle to see who his prom date would be- so funny! I didn't recognized most of the authors, but when i was reading the bios at the back I found out one of them wrote the graphic novel Blankets, which I love. Overall I really enjoyed this collection, although I worry it might not be as appealing to teens as nostalgic adults, nevertheless give this one to teen boys, I suspect they'll get something out of it and possibly even *gasp* enjoy it. Ages 14+

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by Patrick