Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Dragon's Child by Jenny Nimmo

Dando the Dragon can't fly. And he's lost- lost in the land where dreadful Doggins lurk, and where dangerous humans have arrived. He has to find his family, but can he make the journey alone? He's not so sure.

Yesterday I decided to look up "forgettable fantasy story" in the dictionary, much to my chagrin The Dragon's Child wasn't listed, but it should have been. I read this story only a few days ago, but already it has begun to fade from my memory. The book is like a connect-the-dots where the dots are clichés and the lines are mediocre prose. My favorite part about the book was the gimmicky dragon-shaped cover (the dotted lines in the picture denote the edge of the cover).

Give this book to children who love things that are dragon-shaped grades 2 to 4.

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by Patrick