Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Grace by Charise Mericle Harper

"Just Grace" is one of four Graces in her class, there is Grace W, Grace F, Gracie and finally "just Grace." Just Grace didn't want to be called that, but when the teacher asked what she would like to be called she said "just Grace" and it stuck. Just Grace tries to make the most of it though, just like the people on her favorite TV show, Unlikely Heroes, a show about normal people who do extraordinary things to help others. So when she hears that her neighbor, Mrs. Luther, is in trouble she has to help! Mrs. Luther broke her leg and now her cat, Crinkles, (who is also her best friend in the whole world) is too scared of her bright orange cast to sit on her lap anymore. So Grace and her friend Mimi make postcards for Mrs. Luther by taking photos of Crinkles and then adding messages like "I miss being cozy with you" and "one of my favorite things is you." But when Crinkles goes missing will just Grace be lauded for cheering up Mrs. Luther or fingered as a cat-napper? Give this one to kids who like cats and books that make you laugh grades 2 thru 4.