Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jim, Who Ran Away From His Nurse and Was Eaten by a Lion by Hilaire Belloc

The title pretty much gives you the whole story. Jim is well cared for, but runs away during a visit to the zoo and a lion eats him. The book is very well executed, with the text running through flaps and fold-outs very fluidly. The illustrations are adorable, appealing to modern sensibilities while retaining a stylistic feel appropriate for the time when kids commonly went on outings with nurses.

There is a warning on the cover stating: 'Contains a dangerous beast and a miserable end'. It should also mention graphic images, as the book do not cut away during the devouring of unfortunate Jim. It's a book I'd expect from Edward Gorey were he still around and writing. Quite delightful for those who can stomach it.

"Now just imaging how it feels when first your toes and then your heels, and then by gradual degrees your shins and ankles calves and knees are slowly eaten bit by bit. No wonder Jim detested it."

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by Scott