Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For Octavia Boone seventh grade starts out well enough but when Octavia’s mother, a life-long seeker of faith, joins the Fellowship of the Redeemer church, her world rapidly changes. For her artist father, Henry David Thoreau seems to have had all the answers but her mother finds very different answers and wants Octavia to accept them as well. Then, when her parent’s disparate world views collide and Octavia is forced to live with her mother and a couple of fellow “Redeemers” Octavia’s anger overflows. Octavia must confront her own prejudices, explore her feelings about God, and discover a way to move forward without her ideal life in tact. Reader, Ellen Grafton, does an excellent job giving voice to Octavia’s emotional turmoil. Her pacing will keep readers engaged as will her variety in tone and pitch. Listeners will quickly connect with this engaging young character and will come away hoping for an encore.

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by Deanna